Middle School

Hillside Academy offers a STEAM-based (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts – Visual and Performing – and Math) curriculum to instill the love of learning and to help students recognize their God-given abilities.

We prepare students to succeed in high school by exposing them to a depth and breadth of skills, concepts and experiences, while addressing the whole child and not being limited to the requirements of a standardized test.

Hillside provides real-life, project-based learning experiences so students become equipped with critical thinking and problem solving skills they can apply in all aspects of life.

We aim to create socially aware children who are able to relate and work with all age groups.

We are committed to presenting information in unique ways and equipping students with the tools needed to enable them to think on their own.

Middle School Curriculum

Reading: Units of Study
Writing: Units of Study
Language Usage: Write Source, Wordly Wise, Greek/Latin Roots, Suffixes, Prefixes
Math: Open Up Resources, RightStart
We also offer High School credit in Math
Science: PLTW, CPO
Social Studies: Interact
Supplemental: Pearson, TCI

*We use various other curriculums to enhance and support classroom curriculum*