Preschool & Pre-K Programs

Preschool Program:

3 years old by 8/31 | Part-Time
Research has shown early childhood and preschool education are the largest factors in predicting overall school success. This is why we developed a fun, play-based preschool curriculum with targeted learning objectives to give students the start they need. We utilize play-based learning with targeted learning objectives to prepare children for their preK year using STEAM based curriculum to build upon a child's natural curiosity.

Part-Time Preschool Program (3 hours - 2 to 5 days per week)

PreK Program:

4 year olds by 8/31 | Part-Time
ide uses an academic approach to learning including hands-on STEAM based curriculum to prepare children for kindergarten while inspiring a love of learning.

As a kindergarten teacher, I can clearly see how better prepared the students from Hillside’s preK are compared to students from other preschools. Hillside’s preschool programs offer a balance of play and age-appropriate curriculum that encourages students to use their natural curiosity and imagination to develop confidence in their physical, social, and academic abilities, as well as to cultivate a love of learning. This whole-child approach gives Hillside’s preschool students the foundation needed to be successful in not just their kindergarten year, but for their entire life-long educational journey.

Mr. M (Kindergarten teacher at Hillside since 2011)

Thank you so much for an amazing kindergarten and preschool experience. She truly looked forward to each day and loved going to school at Hillside. We originally went into this year thinking it would be a bridge to public school, but we had no idea we would fall in love with the school! The individualized attention she receives here is far superior to other schools. The great care you all take for the students is noticed and appreciated.

Parent of Alumni Student