Parent of Alumni Student

We were discouraged from our experience at our local public school. Although it was a good school, my daughter’s learning style didn’t fit into the bell curve of how the classes were taught. What broke my heart was the fact she knew it as a second greater and started to shut down.

It took another year untill I found Hillside. The promotion for groups, interaction and project based learning did not disappoint. The incredible skills of project planning, critical thinking and presentation giving are invaluable for her future.

Because of the size of the school, they were able to live to the ethos of individualized education. Her confidence grew. Her skill development shot through the roof and now she is ready to tackle high school.

She built life friendships in her little band of middle schoolers.  We were thrilled to replace the typical girl drama with enriched relationships and character development. The teachers and staff move and invest in these kids.

We are forever fans of Hillside Academy!