We are lucky to have Hillside Academy in our town. It is a wonderful school! The teachers and staff are amazing. The children are happy there. We love this school!


Thank you so much for an amazing kindergarten and preschool experience. She truly looked forward to each day and loved going to school at Hillside. We originally went into this year thinking it would be a bridge to public school, but we had no idea we would fall in love with the school! The individualized attention she receives here is far superior to other schools. The great care you all take for the students is noticed and appreciated.

Parent of Alumni Student

We were discouraged from our experience at our local public school. Although it was a good school, my daughter’s learning style didn’t fit into the bell curve of how the classes were taught. What broke my heart was the fact she knew it as a second greater and started to shut down.

It took another year untill I found Hillside. The promotion for groups, interaction and project based learning did not disappoint. The incredible skills of project planning, critical thinking and presentation giving are invaluable for her future.

Because of the size of the school, they were able to live to the ethos of individualized education. Her confidence grew. Her skill development shot through the roof and now she is ready to tackle high school.

She built life friendships in her little band of middle schoolers.  We were thrilled to replace the typical girl drama with enriched relationships and character development. The teachers and staff move and invest in these kids.

We are forever fans of Hillside Academy!

Parent of Alumni Student

Hillside means family. Hillside is a community of people who love and support me. Who have grown with me and helped me grow. From my time at Hillside, I have so many memories and relationships that mean a lot to me. Hillside has taught me so much and I’m grateful for my time there.

Sedona, Alumni Student

We have two kids attending Hillside Academy and we could not be happier! Our son was in public school for Kindergarten and had some challenges... total night and day difference when we moved to Hillside. The teachers, staff, and parents truly work together to create an atmosphere where the kids are comfortable, enjoy themselves, and can learn. My only request is that Hillside extend their grades through high school!


I have 2 children attending Hillside Academy and am grateful for the attention given to each of my children's unique needs. For example, the teachers were able to identify that one of my children excels in math and he is tracking with the math class one grade above. My other child needed extra help in reading and writing and she receives specialized one-on-one instruction. She is now at or above grade level and is proudly mentoring the younger children in her class. This school is a hidden gem in our community and I am excited to see it grow as more families learn about it.


Our child has been at Hillside for 2 years and it has been such a great school! The teachers are so great and they really work hard to integrate hands on learning into the curriculum! This is an amazing school!


We love the teachers, small class size, style of teaching, kids, we just love Hillside Academy!

Christine Soule

Love our school. Incredible staff and learning environment. My daughter is thriving!

Lynne Ellis

My experience at Hillside prepared me for high school. The STEAM curriculum can be catered to students with all learning styles. Within the project based learning, I learned to advocate for myself and have confidence. One of the things that has helped me the most is public speaking. I am able to present projects and ideas confidently because of the teaching Hillside provided. Throughout the 10 years I attended Hillside my favorite part was always the family feel of the classes. By the second day of school each year everyone in the class was like one big family. I felt welcomed and appreciated in my contribution to each and every class.    

Neela,  2021 Hillside Alumna

My children have attended Hillside for 3 years. I am very impressed with the education they are receiving and the wonderful community citizens they are becoming. Hillside incorporates excellent education with Christian values in a smaller class size setting. The best school in the Snoqualmie Valley!


I would highly recommend Hillside Academy to anyone! The love, care and exceptional education is above and beyond. The small class sizes and individualized lessons have been so effective that my children who were testing “below average” on Washington State Assessment tests are now in the “highly competent” range. I have children in elementary to middle school, so our family has been able to see the high educational standards at ever age. The middle school teachers Mrs. Susan, Ms. Stephanie and the elementary school teachers Mrs. Suzanne and Mrs. Debra are incredibly patient, loving and make sure that all children use kindness with one another. The anti-bullying policy at Hillside Academy positively affected my kids. They feel so safe that they’re able to better learn and make friends. Please consider your child going to this incredible school if a positive and superior education is important to your family.

Adair Szasz Hawkins

My youngest daughter started at Hillside this year.  The experience has been fantastic.  From the in-depth instruction and expectation around design and modeling that mimic real world product teams.  To the multitude of choices around project themes to illustrate what one has learned.  We are proud to be a part of this school.

Parent of Current Student 

I have a preschooler and middle schooler attending Hillside and I couldn't be happier with the growth in my children. They are happy and learning beyond my expectations. The staff and teachers are amazing!


My youngest daughter started at Hillside this year.  The experience has been fantastic.  From the in-depth instruction and expectation around design and modeling that mimic real world product teams to the multitude of choices around projects themes to illustrate what one has learned.  We are proud to be a part of this school.

Parent of Current Student

As a kindergarten teacher, I can clearly see how better prepared the students from Hillside’s preK are compared to students from other preschools. Hillside’s preschool programs offer a balance of play and age-appropriate curriculum that encourages students to use their natural curiosity and imagination to develop confidence in their physical, social, and academic abilities, as well as to cultivate a love of learning. This whole-child approach gives Hillside’s preschool students the foundation needed to be successful in not just their kindergarten year, but for their entire life-long educational journey.

Mr. M (Kindergarten teacher at Hillside since 2011)

We have been so happy with Hillside preschool and elementary programs. Amazing teachers, involved parents, love the small class sizes and one on one attention every single child gets.

Megan Neumyer

Hillside is just a gem of a school - best kept secret in Snoqualmie Valley. We have two children at Hillside after spending their kindergarten year at Stillwater Elementary. Stillwater was a fine experience but there is a much more enriching and supportive environment at Hillside and my children are surrounded by other bright, good character kids. My wife and I love it and so do our children.