Hillside Academy is a Private Christian School (18 months - 8th grade) with a mission to build  future innovators by emphasizing academics, problem solving, creativity, social skills, and faith & character development. Our STEAM based curriculum provides students with a core academic foundation to better prepare them for the next level in their education. 


Our “one size does not fit all” philosophy and small class sizes allow for individualized, experiential learning that improves understanding and retention. This helps students develop creativity, collaboration, communication, and critical thinking skills, preparing our students to excel in a 21st century world.

Problem Solving

Our project-based elementary and middle school curricula integrate with core academics in reading, writing, and mathematics to develop hands-on problem solving skills. At Hillside, these skills are showcased through  Humanities, Arts, and STEM Expos (public displays of our learning).

We are committed to presenting information in unique ways and equipping students with the tools needed to enable them to think independently. Expos provide the opportunity for students to showcase their learning in a purposeful, public setting. Students present their learning, as well as the learning process, with Expo attendees. 


Our project-based curriculum is integrated into an interdisciplinary, hands-on learning approach with a variety of specialized programs including fine arts and music.

Character / Social

Our hands-on, individualized learning environment promotes a love of learning, empowering students to realize their full potential. This includes facilitated experiences that encourage students to contribute to the betterment of our community and the world.

Character development is a core principle at Hillside. Students become better citizens by growing their faith, which teaches relational skills, community awareness, and other-centeredness.

My youngest daughter started at Hillside this year.  The experience has been fantastic.  From the in-depth instruction and expectation around design and modeling that mimic real world product teams.  To the multitude of choices around project themes to illustrate what one has learned.  We are proud to be a part of this school.

Parent of Current Student 

My experience at Hillside prepared me for high school. The STEAM curriculum can be catered to students with all learning styles. Within the project based learning, I learned to advocate for myself and have confidence. One of the things that has helped me the most is public speaking. I am able to present projects and ideas confidently because of the teaching Hillside provided. Throughout the 10 years I attended Hillside my favorite part was always the family feel of the classes. By the second day of school each year everyone in the class was like one big family. I felt welcomed and appreciated in my contribution to each and every class.    

Neela,  2021 Hillside Alumna