About Hillside

Hillside Academy is a Private Christian School (Preschool - 8th grade) with a mission to build  future innovators by emphasizing academics, problem solving, creativity, social skills, and faith & character development. Our STEAM based curriculum provides students with a core academic foundation to better prepare them for the next level in their education. 

Hillside’s play-based preschool program, with targeted learning objectives, gives preschoolers the start they need as they enter kindergarten. Our kindergarten and elementary curriculum build on this foundation by engaging students in hands-on learning so that by middle school, students are focusing on real-life applications of the knowledge and the skills they have learned. Our middle school curriculum prepares students to excel in high school and beyond.

Our STEAM based curriculum is integrated into an interdisciplinary, hands-on learning approach with a variety of specialized programs including fine arts and music. Even at the preschool level Hillside students are encouraged to become global citizens. We do this by how we interact with those around us, showing appreciation for those in our community, and expanding our world view so we recognize all we have to be thankful for and how we can help those in need. Hillside creates classrooms that are fun and safe places for students.

Hillside Academy creates Innovators for the Future

Hillside Academy Strengths and Unique Characteristics

  • Incorporating the Project-Lead-The-Way (PLTW) STEAM curriculum while leveraging the Arts and other interdisciplinary branches of learning
  • Integrated project-based curriculum
  • Small class sizes
  • Practical applications of technology
  • Discovery and deepening of faith in personal and community journeys
  • Differentiated instruction and curriculum for all students